Sphinx Cocktail

I made this cocktail with @sipsmith Gin and it was delicious!
Light and refreshing it’s a great summer drink.
But as I found out early on in the process of making all of these drinks, the Gin you use is very important.
It could make or break a cocktail.
So after a couple trial and errors (all in the name of science!) I found Sipsmith Gin was one of the better options.
Also the size of the glass matters very much.

I’m not sure I could drink a 10 oz. version of the cocktail.
The cocktail glasses these days have become very large which is probably why the martinis have become sweeter.
The small cocktail glass in this case helps the drink stay cold and allow you to have a pre-dinner cocktail without making you too tipsy.

I highly recommend it before the winter comes!

How to Make It

Sphinx Cocktail

1 1/2 oz. Dry Gin
1/4 oz. Italian Vermouth
1/4 oz. French Vermouth

Shake well and strain into 3 oz. Cocktail glass.

Serve with slice of Lemon on top.