Oriental Cocktail

Oriental Cocktail

Oriental Cocktail

1 oz. Bourbon Whiskey or Rye (@bulleit)
1/2 oz. Italian Vermouth (@doulinvermouth)
1/2 oz. Curacao
Juice of 1/2 Lime
Shake well with cracked Ice and strain into 3 oz. Cocktail glass.





So…as an actual Asian person, I had mixed feelings about the name of this cocktail.
Plus, none of the ingredients indicates anything Asian…?
I mean, the drink was yellow and tasty, much like myself, but is that the point? 😝
But this drink was born in the 30’s and political correctness wasn’t much of a thing back then.
Name or no name, this cocktail was really delicious and joins the ranks of Bourbon drinks I highly recommend.
If you like a little more of a citrus taste than the Whiskey cocktail, here’s your drink.

Whiskey Cocktail

Whiskey Cocktail

Whiskey Cocktail

1 Dash Bitters

1 tsp Simple Syrup

2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey or Rye (@bulleit)

Stir well with cracked Ice and strain into 3 oz. Cocktail glass.

Serve with a cherry.



I decided to take a break from the yummy gin cocktails and make a whiskey drink.

This drink was very easy to make and delicious.

In our house if there’s a bourbon drink to be made we always use Bulleit Rye or Bourbon.

This drink basically tastes like an old fashioned without the citrus flavors.

For me the 1 tsp of simple syrup made the drink a little too sweet so I’ll probably be using 1/2 tsp next time.

It’s a great simple drink to make and great when you have company because it’s easy to make a big batch!