London Special Cocktail

Thought I would post this interesting drink for everybody stuck inside from the snow.⠀
I suggest opening a bottle of Champagne and making this special cocktail.

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French “75” Cocktail

This cocktail is a personal favorite of mine and was very excited to see it in the book.⠀
I can’t stop drinking these and order it often at bars.

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Jack Rabbit Cocktail

This gin cocktail was surprisingly good.⠀
The apricot liqueur was a little worrisome but it actually added a hint of spring to the cocktail that otherwise would’ve been dry.⠀

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Brandy Fizz Cocktail

This is the last of the amazing photos taken by the talented @reikomasutani ⠀
Again I can’t wait to go back to Japan to shoot more drinks with her!!

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Irish Rickey Cocktail

It’s a very light and easy to drink cocktail.⠀
I think it’s a great addition to a post work drink list.⠀

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Rory O’More Cocktail

Another Irish whiskey cocktail to help through the winter. ⠀
This is definitely a martini on the sweeter end. ⠀

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Kentucky Cocktail

It’s a great introduction for someone that’s not a fan of Bourbon. ⠀
For people that love Bourbon this is a great cocktail to enjoy it even more. ⠀

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Manhattan Cocktail

This is the classic straight up Manhattan.⠀
There’s just no reason to mess with something good.

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