Diana Cocktail

I think it’d be a nice after dinner cocktail to drink to settle the stomach…and maybe help the breath for smooches.

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Oriental Cocktail

Name or no name, this cocktail was really delicious and joins the ranks of Bourbon drinks I highly recommend.

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Whiskey Cocktail

It’s a great simple drink to make and great when you have company because it’s easy to make a big batch!

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Eclipse Cocktail

I was skeptical that the combination of the sweet Grenadine and the olive.
It weirdly worked! It has that salty sweet aspect to it and it was actually really tasty.

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Coronation Cocktail

Since the Dubonnet is a wine based apertif with herbs and spices I thought it would pair nicely with a spicy gin like Pickering’s Gin.

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Judge Jr. Cocktail

This was a really delicious cocktail.
Made even better by the beautiful paring of Kinobi Gin from Kyoto Japan and Papa’s Pilar Rum from Florida.

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New Beginnings…

Welcome to Past In A Glass. This project is happening today, but its roots stand firmly in the past. To be specific, in my family’s past. A few years ago I came across some bartending books while packing up my grandparents’ house. Of course they had a bar, and one...

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