Eclipse Cocktail

I decided to try this cocktail out the day before the big eclipse last month.
It was a very interesting cocktail.
I was really excited for a sloe gin cocktail because they taste so good.
As I read the instructions I was alarmed with the olive task.
I was skeptical that the combination of the sweet Grenadine and the olive.
It weirdly worked! It has that salty sweet aspect to it and it was actually really tasty.
The mistake I made was the olive I put in was a large one so I had to pour a lot of Grenadine in it to cover it like the instructions.
So I recommend a smaller olive but it’s also because I don’t like drinks that are too sweet.
I’d love to hear what you think about this cocktail!

How to Make It

Eclipse Cocktail

1 oz. Gin (Darnley's View Gin)
2 oz. Sloe Gin (@spiritworksdistillery)
1/2 tsp Lemon Juice

Put enough Grenadine into 4 oz. Cocktail Glass to cover a ripe Olive.

Mix the above ingredients in Ice and pour gently onto the Grenadine so that they do not mix.