French “75” Cocktail

This cocktail is a personal favorite of mine and was very excited to see it in the book.⠀
I can’t stop drinking these and order it often at bars.
It’s hard to have Champagne at the ready in your home, but even harder to NOT finish the whole bottle when you do and not have any left for the cocktail.
I’ve been ordering them so much that the variations among bars has been interesting to see.
Most US bars serve them in a Champagne glass which made sense to me because…well…Champagne.
Yet when I went to Japan most places served it to me as a highball, complete with a large ice cube that fits the glass perfectly.
So it was interesting to see that the book also called for a highball glass and an ice cube.
I didn’t mind it since the recipe called for powdered sugar (as opposed to simple syrup) which made the drink a little less sweet.
I used the Kinobi gin for the citrus flavor to enhance the lemon in the drink and it was a great pairing.
I highly recommend putting this drink in your party rotation as the spring approaches.
I’d say try both types of glasses and tell me which YOU like better!

How to Make It

French "75" Cocktail⠀

Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Teaspoons Powdered Sugar
1 Cube of Ice
Stir well in 12 oz. Tom Collins glass.
Then add 2 oz. Gin (@thekyotodistillery) and fill with Champagne.
Decorate with slice of Lemon, Orange and a Cherry.
Serve with straws.