Irish Rickey Cocktail

This is basically another highball.⠀
The cube of ice is again important to make sure it is a giant cube (or as Japanese bartenders shave a block of ice to fit the whole glass).⠀
I do like this one better since the hint of lime is a better addition to the drink.⠀
It’s a very light and easy to drink cocktail.⠀
I think it’s a great addition to a post work drink list.⠀
Also very easy to make multiple if you’re having a party!⠀

Another amazing photo by the talented @reikomasutani ⠀
Sad to say the photos with her are running out!⠀
Can’t wait to go back to Japan and see her again to shoot more cocktails!⠀

How to Make It

Irish Rickey Cocktail⠀⠀
1 Cube of Ice⠀
Juice 1/2 Lime⠀⠀
1 1/2 oz. Irish Whiskey @jameson_us ⠀
Fill 8 oz. Highball glass with Carbonated Water and stir. Leave lime in glass.⠀⠀